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I posted this in the 3g forum but I guess this one is more suitable, so if a mod would like to delete the other one that would be great.

Ok, this has never happened before and my phone is new. Not even a month old. Anyways, I synced some new music onto my Ipod and now when I click on a certain artist(Lady Gaga), it freezes for a second and crashes.... I'm extremely worried about this. And it only happens when I click on Gaga. The weird thing is, when I click on her name the first time, I goes fine, but then I went back and did the same thing, and it crashed. I even tried removing the new songs I added of hers and re syncing it and nothing. My phone isnt old at all so I dont know whats wrong. And I dont know if this makes a difference, but last night, I plugged in my phone when the battery was less than half and about a minute after i plugged it in, the ''full charge'' symbol appeared(which I thought was odd of course, because it hadnt even been in for a minute), but when I unplugged it, I was back to being less than half full.
Edit:I forgot to mention that sometimes when I sync my phone, my computer freezes and when I plug it in a ''MobileBackup encountered a problem..'' message pops up....
Anyone think they can help me out, please? (I'm very un-techy, so if you can dumb it down for me as much as possible, that would be very helpful)

Windows XP