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Dadof2Girls Level 3 Level 3
I was curious if when you rent a movie using the Netflix application if the HD movies come sized to fit the iPad screen or are the tops and bottoms cutoff?


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  • Craig Brady Level 4 Level 4
    Videos play in their native aspect ratio. If widescreen content, you get bands top and bottom, but can double tap to zoom full screen.
  • whatheck Level 5 Level 5
    I was kinda annoyed by the status bar with the time staying up while the video was playing on Netflix, but someone in another thread mentioned that you can reverse pinch the video to make that bar go away.
  • Dadof2Girls Level 3 Level 3
    Craig, thanks. Also, what are the choices like. I was told that a lot of the newer stuff isn't typically available to stream, but on disk. If I can't get the new stuff to stream then it would loose a lot of appeal to me.
  • Craig Brady Level 4 Level 4
    Streaming content is somewhat limited, but very good selection of movies, tv shows and documentaries. Great kids content, and a surprising number of fairly current movies.

    We stream to iPad, XBox, Wii, Laptop, and watch the DVDs that come in the mail. Keeps us plenty entertained for a lot less than we used to spend before NetFlix.

    It even works pretty well over 3G, although stutters when making a major change in direction while in the car.
  • StevePug2 Level 2 Level 2
    I was a bit disappointed with the immediate stream selection. Virtually nothing in the major new releases category is available for immediate use. The big movies are pretty much reserved for their DVD mailings. The program on the iPad is very nice though a bit buggy. It occasionally crashes when you do something during a movie and then it doesn't remember where in the film you were when it crashed. That time bar at top is easily removed by the reverse pinch ( a spread) on the screen. You can easily go to anywhere in the film quickly although there's no way of knowing where, exactly, you are except by slider position. As with all wifi dependent apps, the faster your connection the better your experience will be.
  • wkerby Level 1 Level 1
    Some is; some ain't. I have N'Flx streaming and tried a couple movies. Very pleased compared to net book. Not so good compared to 55" in. Samsung LED.