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RussW Level 1 Level 1
Just got Apple's Camera Connection Kit. Unfortunately, it does not work with OnOne Software's DSLR Camera Remote and direct tether using USB cable... yes this was a hope and a prayer.

Am wondering if Canon's wifi transmitter (expensive) will work to send files to iPad over its network?

However, CCK does import CR2 RAW files from my 5D to be viewed, magnified, rotated, emailed, posted to MobileMe, assigned to contact, used as wallpaper or copied, on the iPad.

Would be nice if the "preview" thumbnail could be viewed and magnified without importing to the iPad, unfortunately it does not, have to import to view, zoom and share.

I tried to email a file, it crashed the iPad first time, 22 MB file. Tried again after waiting a while for image to appear in email window, never came up after 5 minutes. Tried to send again, took 20 seconds to compete, worked this time. Full file came in, CR2. Filename was photo.cr2, the naming convention could be problematic. Delivered full res file, 5616x1365.

Post to MobileMe gave a process bar, took about 75 seconds for same file, then gave an error, "Could not publish to MobileMe", likely Mobile Me galleries do not support CR2?

Copy image and then paste into email doc on iPad was successful. Sent fine, received fine, though copy and paste into email delivers a reduced file size, 2045x1365. Could be handy.

Nice to see support for RAW formats on iPad. 5D functions are totally disabled when connected to CCK. No live view when pushing video button.

Import of movies (.mov) was not successful from my 5d M2, shows a placeholder icon that says movie, but did not import the file. These are HD 1920x1080 clips about 10-20 second each, varying from 75-150 MB each.

iPad color seems to err a tad to the green in side by side with with calibrated monitor, overall though was a decent match to my 23" Apple Cinema display.

8-core 2.8 Mhz Intel, 8 GB ram, 3 TB HD., Mac OS X (10.5.8), PowerBook 17", Epson 3800, iphone, ipad, cc kit
  • David Strait Level 2 Level 2
    Thanks for the info! Do you know how long it takes to import multiple (~10?) of the 22MB raw files? I heard it is slow. Any chance that you have a Flip video camera to see if it works (and exports in the original format)? Probably not if it doesn't work with the 5d.

  • teb Level 1 Level 1
    I imported 19 Sony A900 (24mp) RAW files and it took under 1 minute.
  • RussW Level 1 Level 1
    It took about 4 minutes to import a full 4 GB card. Had around 150 files on it. No flip camera here. Odd that Apple says it supports movies, but not .mov from 5D M2??
  • David Strait Level 2 Level 2
    Wow! Doesn't sound too slow to me!

    Yes... very odd and disappointing about the video import problem (esp. for the .mov format).
  • teb Level 1 Level 1
    I read on the same thread I linked to that there is a movie app in the works. So, I would say don't fret and stay tuned.
  • Shadow99999 Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the summary! I'm looking forward to getting the camera connector as well!

    Its too bad that it won't import the 5D2 videos (I have that camera as well), but I suspect it is because the 5D2 videos are not supported by the iPad. Currently, only videos up to 720p are supported.

    I would like to see a future update to iTunes or iPhone OS where they could at least automatically downsize HD movies. I have a lot of 5D2 HD movies and it would be fun to sync them to my iPad or iPhone, but it is a pain to have to convert each one to a supported format.

    I bought an Apple TV partly to watch my videos on my big screen TV. I knew that Apple TV only supported 720p resolutions, but I thought at least it would be able to automate the downsampling rate. Hopefully in a future software update. More and more video cameras are starting to support 1080p, and it is surprisingly painful to view these movies on a HDTV (right now my main way is through the hdmi out on the camera which is real ugly!).

  • Shadow99999 Level 1 Level 1
    If you feel like experimenting, could you try taking some standard-def videos on your 5D2 and see if the iPad will recognize them?

  • RussW Level 1 Level 1
    No go on 5d M2 with importing video at 640x480 on the iPad. Also, cant find a way to delete a large number of files on the ipad. One at a time.
  • teb Level 1 Level 1
    To delete multiple files you would do it the same way you email multiple files.

    1. Go into the photo album with the files you want deleted
    2. On the top right there is a square with a curved arrow. Tap it
    3. Tap on each file you want to delete (as you tap them you will see a check mark) once you are done
    4. Hit the red delete key (there are three choices email, copy and delete

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  • Shadow99999 Level 1 Level 1
    Hmm ... that is surprising. The 5d2 videos should be in a format that the iPad would like.

    Also, regarding the deleting of files, are you referring to photos stored on the iPad, or the files on the SD card?
  • David M Brewer Level 6 Level 6
    I've tried to import flip cameras videos from my hard drive to the iPad. The iPad doesn't support the mp4 video format created from the flip camera.
  • RussW Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the tip on deleting. UI is not that intuitive, I do not equate deleting with sharing.

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  • RussW Level 1 Level 1
    Shadow. I notice you are in Portland. Are you a pro?
  • AboveTheChaos Level 1 Level 1
    Here's what doesn't make sense. Do you have to import the pics to get a large preview? If so you have to import them and then if you see you don't like them (maybe too blurry when large) you can't delete them from the photo app. (Unless some one can tell me how to delete cuz I can't find a way). I was hoping to use this when vacationing. A lot of times the pics look good on my camera screen but when I get to a computer they're not and I delete them. With the photo app you'll be wasting space until you sync.
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