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Hey all, thanks in advance for your help. I use an iMac, MacBook Pro, and iPhone for personal use. I also use a Dell PC at work and my agency requires that my appointments be posted in the Outlook calendar which utilizes Microsoft Exchange server, and the OS on my Dell at work is MS XP Pro.

I currently use iCal on my iPhone during appointments to schedule next sessions with clients. Those appointments then get synced with mobileme to my laptop and to my iMac at home. Fine. BUT, I also want (and am required by my work) to have those same appointments on my Outlook calendar on the Dell desktop.

When I go to the MobileMe control panel for Windows app on my Dell desktop Control Panel, it says that "Syncing of MS Outlook contacts and calendars is not possible when Outlook is configured to use MS Exchange Server" - which ours is. So it appears I cannot use MobileMe to sync my calendar.

I also thought, well, I can hard-wire sync my phone to my desktop at work, but when I do that, the sync process won't take the iCal data and draw it from the phone to be put in Outlook calendar, it wants to replace the information on my iPhone with the Outlook calendar data which I erased - so there is nothing on my Outlook calendar at this point. My thought was once I was able to do the first transfer of data from iCal on my iPhone to the MS Outlook calendar, then syncing would happen as needed from that point forward. I don't want to allow it to transfer from Outlook TO my iPhone the first time though because it will erase everything on my iPhone iCal, I think.

I'm so frustrated. Does anyone know how I can successfully use my iPhone, MacBook, iMac, and me.com on the web - to add appointments to my iCal calendars, and then make sure that data gets transferred to my Outlook calendar on my work desktop? I don't need to use my desktop outlook calendar to enter appointments, just need to have them appear there.

HELP!! and thanks.

MacBook Pro, IMac, Iphone, Mac OS X (10.6.3), three computers