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Bought a bluetooth keyboard which is for mac and they say to use a use first but it dont work. Ipad does not connect to mouse which is bluetooth

Toshiba, Windows XP
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    The iPad does not connect to any mouse and never will. It is a touch device and not designed for things like a "cursor".
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    ipad is certainly designed for a cursor, just to control the cursor with your finger instead of a mouse. How fun would mail, Pages or Numbers be without a Cursor? Not to mention this discussion board.
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    I'm not sure what you mean by a cursor ... I've never seen one on an iPad or an iPhone. The lack of a cursor is one reason why flash would not work well on iPhone OS ... flash apps respond to a cursor moving over parts of the GUI, and this is not possible on a touch-only device.

    Either way, iPhone OS is designed to work with touch and not a mouse, and you will never see a mouse for use with the iPad.
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    If you've ever used the iPad to write a long letter, journal entry, or even shopping list, the editor has a cursor.  It's the little black bar the follows new letters as you type them.  I'm fine with the touchscreen replacing the arrow aursors that every operating system seems to have.  But when you edit text, is there any way to control that cursor?  Just forward and back.  Up and down would be even better.  This is useful if you mispelled a word or left oout a letter.  trying to touch behind a mistyped letter so you can hit delete is frustrating.  I miss arow keys and insert/delete buttons.  Also cut-copy-paste features through keyboard shortcuts.

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    That's not a cursor, that's an insertion point. Even DOS had that. A cursor would appear in something other than text. The iPad doesnt have one.


    The BT keyboard I have has arrow keys. The move the insertion point.

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    Just to be anal.


    In computing, a cursor is an indicator used to show the position on a computer monitor or other display device that will respond to input from a text input or pointing device. The flashing text cursor may be referred to as a caret in some cases. The mouse cursor may be referred to as a pointer, owing to its arrow shape on some systems.