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As you may have read my iPad totally died on me the other day. Only after a few minutes plugged into the mains did it come back to life and even then I didn't expect it to.

What I noticed later that day was that the battery was at 70% and when I plugged it into my laptop it suddenly jumped to 100% - clearly that isn't possible.

So I figured I'd restore the iPad. And I did. Then at the end of yesterday the battery was again at around the same usage and plugged in and it said it was fully charged! Again not possible.

So my question is - has anyone else had similar things happen with their iPhones or iPad?

And what's up with my battery? I'm in the UK so I can't get the iPad swapped out under warranty until the end of May... Will my ipad last that long?

A 50% battery will still last me long enough that I can happily use the iPad and will keep me I'm good shape for it to be swapped when it is out in the UK but I don't have battery knowledge so I'd appreciate any feedback!