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had trouble with iMac not booting up. Read disk and did the hold the D down at start up. fixed the problem for about 30min. then got the gray screne that said I needed to shut down and restart my iMac. Did as told now have a white screen with blinking file with ? on it.

new to mac not sure what OS X I have.

Please help, thanks

iMac, home
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    That blinking ? is telling you your Mac cannot find a start up drive. Do you have the install disk that came with your Mac?
    Also, please post more system info.

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    Thanks for your help ok I got more infor off my iMac

    It is
    OS X 10-6.3 but I put snow leopard on it
    2.16 GHZ intel Core
    16B 667 HHZ DDR2 SDRAM

    The problem started about two weeks ago but I have been away from home to try to fix it. My son has informed my that you can be working on the computer when screen becomes shadded over then that message in a large squar come up that saids You need to turn off your computer by holding the button till all turns off the push the button again to turn it back on.

    I have done this and that when the white screen with the blinking file with ?. If you turn off the computer for a few hours it might start back up but some times you just get a white screen like it is trying to log on but never does. you just have to turn the computer off again.

    When it does come back up it works great for about an hour then the same thing happens again.

    please tell me it something simple
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    I hope so, but I will need to know if you can start up from the Snow Leopard Disk that you used for the upgrade. If you can do that we can run some tests to try to isolate your problem. Insert the disk in the DVD/CD drive and hold down the "C" key while you restart the mac (make sure you continue to hold down that key until the mac starts up). Let me know if you can do that.