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1. Weak signal - People using normal 802b with get issues, however if you use a router with WIFI-g i think it is, then you get great signal with no issues. It may be a firmware issue.

2. No physical keyboard - thats a little silly, does the ipod and iphone have a keyboard? No. The ipad is not designed to have a keypad.

3. The ipad does support multitasking, if it didn't who would buy it? The iphone, and ipod can multi task - Why would they release a product which can only do one thing at a time? This fact is not true at all.

4. Charging issue - None reported yet? They have special batteries in them - a different type of lithium, it doesn't have a memory so the average newbie who tries to charge it will epic fail if they dont RTFM.

5. Doesn't support printing? You can print with ipads. You have to have a apple computer around though on the same wireless network - You share a printer on that apple computer and then you can print from the ipad.

6. Application issues - There will always be issues with new products.

7. Screen issues - remember how much screen issues the ipods had?

8. no webcams - who wants a webcam on a tablet sized pc? it wouldn't be a very stable picture at all.

9. no USB port? Whats the apple port for then?

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