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I have a relatively new iMac and the full compliment of software applications for it. Can any of the applications that came with my iMac, be transported over and used on an iPad? If so, do you know which ones? I have the standard software that comes with the iMac....Safari, address book, calendar, preview, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, Garage Band. I am sure a few of these must come on the iPad... I'm just not finding a list of pre-installed software, or what might be transportable from my iMac to iPad.

Thanks for any information!!

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  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 Level 9 (71,920 points)
    None of the applications on your Mac will run on the iPad, which uses a completely different operating system. It comes with some basic apps, and you can buy additional ones (including the components of iWork) in the iTunes App Store.
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    Safari, contacts, iCal, iTunes, mail, mail notes all have apps on iPad and sync. iPhoto syncs with Photos for viewing and sending only. (The are free photo editing apps like Filterstorm.) There are some multitrack recording apps (I like RecordStudio Pro) that you can use to record on iPad and then send tracks to GarageBand by wifi. No good video editing software comparable to iMovie...yet.

    Think of iPad as an extension of your computer and not a computer itself.
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    So, when thinking of the IPad as an extension of my computer..... is it possible to run adobe software on the IPad? If I could have a home based workstation & then be able to run photoshop (Illustrator & InDesign would be awesome too!) on the IPad, then I would have a cheaper, lighter gadget that I am carrying around. Otherwise, I struggle to see the point to the IPad if you already have a computer- why not get an IPod touch... maybe I'm missing something.
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    In a nutshell, if an app is not listed in the iTunes app store, it can't be used on the iPad. There is no other means to install software.
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    After 2 years of working really hard at trying to make my iPhone capable of doing on the fly what my Mac did for me (word processing, art, HTML coding, photo processing, etc) there was an immediate leap in functionality with the iPad's much larger and very functional touch screen. While iPhone's touch screen is is usable, the iPad's screen is large enough to become a whole new way of working.