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Well here is the beginning of my problems, one night I shut down my ipod touch and the next day I tried to turn it on. The problem is it wont turn on I can hold down the sleep button then it will show the white apple logo that always appears but then all of a sudden it will shut off again and not turn back on. Help please? Anything is appreciated.
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    I presume it's been charged?

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    Same things happened to me! And I'm still waiting for an answer.
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    First try some simple troubleshooting. Try resetting the iPod by holding both the home and sleep/wake buttons, ignoring the red power slider. Keep both buttons held until it reboots and the Apple logo screen appears. This will not erase any data, settings, or info.

    Make sure your iPod is charged enough. If you cannot charge it, try using different cables and plug adapters, if available. Also try using various outlets and cable/adapter combinations.

    Try restoring through iTunes (assuming that your computer recognizes your iPod). This will erase all of your data and settings, but everything will be synced back at the end of the restore if you have backed up your iPod. Make sure your library is on your computer and you have backed up your iPod, which occurs at the beginning of every sync. For the first restore attempt, when iTunes prompts you to either restore from a backup or set up as new, then choose to "Restore from the backup of..." If the problem is not fixed then restore again, this time choosing to set up as a new iPod. If your computer doesn't recognize your iPod, then try recovery mode. To do this, turn it off, press and hold the home button, and plug it in to your computer via the USB cable. Hopefully, the screen showing a USB cable with an arrow pointing to an iTunes icon will appear and you can do a restore from there, as iTunes should recognize the iPod in recovery mode.

    If you are unable to get the problem fixed, make an appointment at an Apple Store to get it replaced. If it is under warranty, then it will likely be replaced at no charge.
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    This is very important you need to charge your itouch there is debris in the charging plug on the itouch allowing you to plug in the charge sync cable leading you to believe that you are charging your itouch in fact you are not charging it clear the debris and charge your itouch it should work after that if that is not the case try buying a new charge sync cable there like 5 or 10 dollars its far cheaper than buying a new itouch