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Matthew Long Level 1 (15 points)
About 2 weeks ago my iPhone 3G stopped importing/syncing any photos from my Mac. Usually I sync with a specific album in Aperture, however, whenever I check my Photos app on my iPhone it is always empty. I tried syncing with iPhoto, as well as a folder of pictures on my Mac, yet nothing works. I don't get an error message either. In fact, during the syncing process in iTunes I see the words "syncing photos" appear for a second or two in the progress window, but nothing ever lands on my iPhone.

Everything worked seamlessly until a couple of weeks ago (I guess), and possibly stopped working after the last OS X update 10.6.3., although I'm not certain???

I have tried unchecking all boxes in the Photos tab in iTunes and then syncing the iPhone, rechecking the boxes again and then syncing again... this did not work. I have tried restoring the phone to factory settings then restoring from backup... this didn't work either.

Everything else on the phone works fine, I just have a constantly empty Photo app.

Any ideas anyone?

iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.1.3