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Okay, so I lost my iPhone but then luckily someone found it and returned it to me. However, I set a passcode on my iPhone before I lost it, so when the person found it, he tried multiple times to get into my phone, and he ended up completely disabling it. When I got it back, the screen said "Phone disabled, connect to iTunes". I did that but it didn't unlock my phone (since I recently got a new laptop and have never synced my iPhone to it). As a result, I just put the phone in recovery mode, and restored it back to the original factory mode.
In doing so, I lost all of the information on my iPhone, from contacts all the way down to pictures.
Is there anything I can do to restore my iPhone back to when It had all the information? You know how you can restore your computer to an earlier date? Is there anything I can do like that to my iPhone, like restore it to before I completely erased all of the info, or to before the person disabled my phone?
Basically, can my phone go back to the way it was?
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    Did you ever backup your data in iTunes? (backups are performed with each sync - go to Edit > Preferences > Devices in iTunes to see a list of your backups of devices synced on your computer which which you can restore your iPhone with) Are your contacts synced with an address book manager like Outlook? Is your iTunes library intact or backed up elsewhere such as a CD, DVD, or external drive?

    If you answered no to all of these questions, then the answer is no, there is no way.