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I have a issue to discuss that propably isnt related to some error in the iPhone. The error is in iTunes.

This happend on 2 separate phones, on 2 separate computers.

When iTunes is first installed, and you want to sync your phone to it, you first authorise that computer with your account.

So far so good.

When you then attach the the iphone it asks you if you want to replace info or if you want to combine both the info from iTunes and the info already on the iPhone.

I suggested combine, and that worked fine for the initial sync of contacts and all that.

BUT. then when i wanted to backup all the apps, it says something like, there is more apps on the phone than i bought on my iTunes account. And it also warns me that all apps will be deleted from the iPhone and relpaced with those who are present in iTunes.

Last time i did that after reinstalling a computer, i lost tons of apps.
And now i dont want to risc loosing it all again.

What happens so far is, when i look on the software/app tab in iTunes all apps are visible behind the dim background since its not syncronized yet. all screens are full with apps, but as soon as i click that i want it syncronized all apps are lost except for a few apps still left on some of the screens.

How do i combine that safely, so that all apps are available in sync.

3GS, iPhone OS 3.1.3, 32gb white
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    Last time i did that after reinstalling a computer, i lost tons of apps.

    That's because, by design, the iphone will sync itunes content with ONE computer at a time. Any attempt to sync such content with a second computer will result in ALL itunes content being first erased from your phone & then replaced with the content from the second computer. This is a design feature and cannot be overridden.

    This is not a problem if you backup your entire itunes library and then add your backup to a new computer. Since your phone is going to be wiped of itunes content, all you have to do is sync the same content back from your backup. If you do not backup your itunes library, well you can see you're setting yourself up for problems.

    After you authorize your new computer(Store>Authorize this Computer), you can transfer purchased content on your phone, but not in your itunes library by File>Transfer Purchases. Also, you have to make sure you've authorized your computer for each account that your content was purchased through, if you have more than one account.
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    So its practically not possible to backup an iPhone, with all its content, to a new iTunes library?

    Have i understood it all right that the content on the iPhone itself can be called a backup of the iTunes library rather than the other way around?

    Pictures taken by the iPhone can be copied, and then backed up that way, but the fotos added by the pics-sync in iTunes is not available when you connect the usb cable, the same as for the music, apps, and all other items on the phone.

    Also you can not add files on the phone from windows for example, i suppose that is part of the concept that cannot be changed either, but should be changed... Why? Couse if you want to have other content on your phone you should be allowed to. I suppose you still can save attached files from emails on the phone, so why not through usb.
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    Itunes content(and photos not in your camera roll) are NOT included in your phone's backup. The itunes content sync(and photos) is one way: Computer to phone. It is your responsibility to backup your itunes library, the iphone is NOT a storage or backup device. If you do not backup your itunes content as well as photos synced to your phone, you're asking for trouble.