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Is there a reason my iPod touch has the 'slide to unlock' when I hit the home button?

I would like to turn it off. I tried going into setting>general>auto-lock and turning that to 'Never' but that did nothing.

I just find it annoying when I listen to music and have to skip a song that I have to 'unlock' my ipod then hit the skip button (shake to shuffle doesn't work that great I find).

Any advice???

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  • matgal Level 1 Level 1
    It should not be lock when you press the home button.

    But when the iPod is locked, you can change the song and double push the home button. (then you get a control panel you can choose between change your song and change the sound)

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    Thanks Matgal for your reply.
    Ever since I have owned it each time I 'wake' it up by hitting the home button I get the 'slide to unlock' page (page with the slider at the bottom and date & time at the top). Doesn't seen to be a way to skip that page.

    Hey your right about the double push of the home button. I did that and did get the music control panel. Thanks a bunch!!!