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WillyB_UT Level 1 (10 points)
I've submitted this into the iPhone feedback... how do you think this should be implemented?


At this moment there is no way to direct access a 'In case of emergency' ICE or see business owner message (like 'this iphone is property of') on the lock-screen.

If this would be present, a lost iphone can be traced back to the owner more easly.
If this would be present, a the ICE-phonenumbers of a iphone user that for example has a hart-attack can be informed fast, saving possible lifes if medication is needed.


iPhone OS 3.1.3
  • eaglesflight1258 Level 3 (865 points)
    Why not just save a picture or screenshot on your iPhone that displays the ICE number, owner of iPhone, and who to contact if the iPhone is found, and set that picture as the wallpaper, which is displayed on the lock screen. I saw an app a while back that does this for you if you do not want to create the picture yourself.
  • WillyB_UT Level 1 (10 points)
    That is a good idea.

    Though still: it would be even better if iOS would be able to assist you. E.g. have a 'Call ICE' next to 'EMERGENCY' on the PIN pad.

    I notice that I can find blogs that have the same idea:
    - http://terrywhite.com/techblog/archives/829
  • BlingMe Level 2 (370 points)
    I use the Wallpaper Maker Pro app to add text to the wallpaper I use on my lock screen. That app allows you to create a wallpaper with any text you'd like it to read. I myself have my name and contact information in case my phone is lost. Not that anyone would return a lost iPhone...but you never know. You can also put your emergency contact info as your text...or whatever you would like. The "Wallpaper Maker Pro" app can be found in the iTunes store.