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I have a few questions/comments/suggestions about this feature. I like that it has been implemented for iPhones and other iDevices because I keep my computer library at a much higher bit rate than I wish to on my iPhone.

Here is my question: Does this feature transcode any song with a higher bitrate than 128kbps down?

Here is something I'd like to see: I would like the option to change the bitrate/format it converts to. Perhaps something like 128kbps MP3, or at least other bitrates, preferably 192, 256, 320, especially VBR like MP3 V0, or V2.

Also, lastly, in case any Apple programmers read this: ENABLE FLAC IN ITUNES. ALAC IS AN INFERIOR CONTAINER.

Both of these features would take almost no effort, just getting over the "We know what you want better than you" Apple ideology.

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