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I had disconnected my daughters iPod without ejecting it first from the iTunes. Now the iPod's screen still has the words "Do not disconnect" on it but the icon (circle with line through it) is gone and the unit is unresponsive to resting and restoring.

The reason I disconnected it prior to ejecting it was that it did not show up in iTunes or our desl top or anywhere else for that matter. I got impatient and unplugged it before checking out other options.

The unit was working fine before I plugged it in and then disconnected it.

What can I do now to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have checked out mant posts and have not encountered this problem in any discussions (but maybe I just couldn't find them) Thanks in advance.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.3)
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    I had a problem where my iPod basically "FROZE." I think this should solve your problem. Try to 'Reset' the iPod by trying the following: Hold down the click wheel and Play/pause buttons at the same time for about five seconds. If this doesn't work, hold it longer. If none of that works, there might be a button combo I'm not thinking of. If none of that works, please contact me and tell me @ 11schest@gmail.com . Glad I could try to help.
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    Do I need to toggle the "pause" switch off and on first? I tried the two methods I mentioned and nothing happened.
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    Here is an update on my situation:

    I tried the suggestion provided to me by Atom, including many different variations:

    1. Toggle switch on, then various clcik wheel combo's.
    2. Toggle switch off, then various click wheel combo's.
    3. Toggle switch off then on followed by various click wheel combo's.
    4. Toggle switch off then on, standing on my head, facing West while reciting
    Ohm, followed by even more various click wheel combo's.

    I went through the entire iPod Kama Sutra of positions and variation on such. Unable to reach any satisfaction I put the dear little wounded iPod down ever so gently (unplugged). I shed a tear and walked out of the room.

    When I returned not to long after I was shocked to see the screen completely blank! I though, "Oh my dear gosh, I've killed it. What will I say to my daughter?" I picked it up and with shaking finger touched the click wheel...it turned on...with the menu screen...I plugged it in and it showed up in iTunes!

    May be the little guy just needed to rest : )

    I'm not sure what really happend here. But I have to add that even though my Apple products act up once in a while, they have never let us down.

    Oh yeah, I told my duaghter that I fixed her beloved iPod, now I'm her Hero once again, Thanks Apple!
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    Let the iPod rest, unplugged from your Mac (or reasonable faxsimile) and any power source for a few hours then see what happens.
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    For your future reference. : )

    How to reset an iPod.