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I am looking for information about what browsers are being used by the Iphone and Ipad. Also I am wondering about tools that would accurately emulate the Iphone and Ipad browsers.

I have found the iphone tester, but this does not tell me about errors that may exist. Also, I have tested all my sites in Safari and they work fine, but I dont think this would be the same browser used in the iphone or ipad.

I really need to find this technology to allow my users a good experience now and in the future. Testing is the only way to do this. Testing while you are developing would be a great advantage to me.

Thanks in anticipation

Kevin A MD

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  • varjak paw Level 10 (169,827 points)
    All Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) by default use Apple's mobile version of Safari, though there are also some third-party browsers; Opera and iCab are a couple. For resources for developing web sites that will give a good experience with those devices, look here:


    As regards testing, the simulator is the only tool I know of, but there's no substitute for testing on the actual device, so you'll want to acquire or find someone who has the device so you can test on the actual hardware.

  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)
    The only way to fully test on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is to have those devices in your hands. You can't accurately test using other browsers (even ones that use the same rendering engine), such as desktop Safari.

    The iPhone OS simulator, available as part of the iPhone SDK (if you're a Mac user) is the best option without a real device, but if you're serious about testing, you need the actual devices.
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    The rendering engine is Webkit irrespective of what browser you use on the I-apps.

    Safari mobile/icab/Opera all use this.

    Opera however employ on device server compression for all their mobile browsers and this can help in increasing apparent loading speeds especially on low powered mobiles.
  • Keith Doherty3 Level 4 (1,795 points)
    Opera however employ on device - should read OFF device sorry.
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    Yes agree with the last comments, you really need the iPhone itself or the SKD installed on your Mac, because I have noticed that some sites does not work on iPhone Safari and it does work under PC or Mac Safari
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    The rendering engine is Webkit irrespective of what browser you use on the I-apps.

    Safari mobile/icab/Opera all use this.

    But all devices don't run exactly the same version of Webkit though, and the rendering engine is not the only thing that makes a website work. Javascript runs differently even on seemingly similar versions of the same browser, and on the different processors used in each device.

    And you are wrong about Opera - it doesn't use Webkit at all.
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    Yeah, I sc figuratively share your pain (Markus, 42,FIN). I'm using Mozilla Firefox on my laptop, 3 months with no succes. There's browser named Opera (free), that succeeded but the problem is that it's worse than Safari so I get it as a bitter bill, wanna'use a iPhone, there's all kind of prices ya'have to pay. Allthough the same propably applies to the other manufacturers.