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27" iMac, 10.6.3, all software and firmware updates installed.

Without getting into too much detail let's say I tested everything from the router to the switch to the cables, mixing and matching everything until reaching the conclusion that it's the iMac. This is a network I built and configured myself, so I know it quite well. Last test was connecting my 15" MBP to the same cat6 cable the iMac cannot detect, which my MBP detects and works with without a hitch.

I've reset the SMC, rebuilt permissions, re-installed OS X, reset pram. I've restarted pressing "v" for a hardware test both with the OS X install DVD in the drive and out but nothing happens. Not sure if anything is suppose to happen...

Wifi works fine but is unacceptable to transfer various gigabyte size files for which I need the Gigabit network

If the ethernet port were dead would it still show up in the system profiler? (it does)

I'm really struggling here.... any more ideas?

MacBook Pro Core2Duo 2.8 GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.3), 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HD
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