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I just found out that iTunes don't work with Visa Gift Cards... Well when I first put in my Visa Gift Card info it went trough so I thought "It works! Now to buy some apps!" And I had $5.95 in the gist card and a little over $4 in my iTunes account. I was planing on it using both iTunes money and Visa Gift card money. Well I just got my iPad and I got N.O.V.A, Face Melter XL, Talking Car(iPhone app), Crazy Face and Glow Hockey HD. If Apple could remove this "You Owe $8.51" I'll delete the apps I bought for it. I can't buy iTunes items so Apple would be losing a good customer. I would just re-buy them apps again but with iTunes cards, I would remove the Visa Gift Card to prevent this from happening again. I can't get Apps on any of my devices, even free ones. (I have a iPad and two iPod Touch's) I want to get an iPhone but I am not if I can't get apps =( So please help someone =(

iTunes 9.1 (I Think, I know I got the lastest version), Windows 7
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    If iTunes wasn't going to accept, should have not went trough =(
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    You'll probably need to provide either a credit card or an iTunes prepaid card to pay off the balance you owe and be able to make further purchases. You can contact the iTunes Store Customer Service department using the form on their Support page (select the category and subcategory closest to the issue you're reporting) and explain your situation to them, but there probably won't be anything they can do for you other than to tell you that you'll have to provide an alternate method of payment.

    If iTunes wasn't going to accept, should have not went trough

    If the card just wasn't accepted, the iTunes Store wouldn't have allowed you to enter it unless there was no way for the Store to distinguish it from a "normal" Visa credit or debit card. This is, unfortunately, sometimes the case with gift cards; they look like, but don't work like, standard credit cards. If that was indeed the case, then only when Apple tried to process the charge would they have discovered that the card would not be valid for the iTunes Store.

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    Thank so much! I guess I'll have to get a iTunes prepaid card. I don't have a normal credit card and I am not planing on getting one. Thanks so much!