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The problem is that for some reason with older (model A1016) Apple keyboards the iPad is not coming up with the screen to provide the pairing code to enter on the keyboard. To see what I mean;

First on the iPad turn on bluetooth then cycle the power to the keyboard so that it is discoverable. When it shows up in the list as Apple Wireless Keyboard, click on it to attempt to pair.

It will just sit there forever.... now watch the iPad screen carefully and hit the enter button on the keyboard. You will see a message box pop up that tells you the pairing code that it had expected you to type in.... even though it never poped up. It goes away too fast and you just get an error.

When I hooked up the iPad to Xcode and watched the console information:

Tue Apr 27 10:56:37 XXXX Preferences[3982] <Warning>: BTM: setting pincode 588825 for device 0x17a0b0 Apple Wireless Keyboard 00:0A:95:xx:xx:xx 0xf72b0005

I thought I would be slick and be able to see the debug of the pin in the console BEFORE it errors out. However it only shows the pin AFTER you have already clicked enter and then its too late since it uses a new random pin every time.

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