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Hi all,

I recently bought a usb adapter for my G3 which is running Tiger. Downloaded the most recent driver from the Ralink website and it appeared to install fine, however when I double click on the 'Wireless Utility' app to configure the adapter it won't launch.

It doesn't bob in the system tray, it just does nothing. The adapter itself is recognised and shows up in the profiler but I can't use it as I can't put in the WEP password or anything.

So far what I have done is repaired the disk permissions and tried reinstalling the driver several times.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Are there any alternative programs I could use to configure the adapter with? When I open the network panel it shows up as 'en2', but then if I click 'assist me' the airport option is greyed out.

Mac OS X (10.4.1)