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Printer fails to interpret color in photos correctly after I dutifully upgraded as per Software Update. Can't tell which program it was, of course. Now all backgrounds print green and shaded background prints the top color throughout. This on an HP Deskjet 960c that otherwise works very well - not fancy, but has served the purpose. Yes, its out of date, but I won't buy a new printer until Apple drops its price on the Desktop I want. If you have experienced this problem and truly fixed it, please tell me how? And, you folks who work for Apple, maybe you should send this message to one of your developers.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), all software updates
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    I'm posting this as an addenda to my query. I've been to the HP community where I see several questions about the same GREEN problem, all using other HP printers. No one has yet answered those questions with a true solution. So, I would certainly say that printing GREEN is a problem that Apple introduced with one of its updates. Which one? What is the Fix? Apple needs to be aware of this and give us a fix.