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I have a Dual 2.5ghz PowerPC and it was working fine until i took the airport card out, disconnected it from the little plug and when i tried to start the computer, the display was black and there were three blinking lights in both the display and the G5. I thought it was the display, connected it to a G4 and the display isn't the problem. Since I wasn't able to see anything in the screen, i turned off the computer leaving the power button pressed. I restarted it about 5-6 times and I still got the 3 blinking lights. I installed a new airport card extreme and it's still doing the same thing. I have not removed or messed with the RAM so I don't think that's the problem....any suggestions???
Please help!!!!

2.5 Dual G5 PowerPc   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  
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    Hello! You'll probably ahve to reset the PMU or SMU. Early G-5's had the PMU (power management unit) and later ones use a SMU. See if there's a small button nect ot the battery on the motherboard. If so press it once with the computer off and if it doesn't have the PMU unplug the power cable (115 volt) and let it sit for a few minutes and plug it back in. Then restart. Tom
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    apple user guide

    3 flashes: incompatible RAM installed

    BUT,,, I suggest
    A) U make sure the ram is seated properly
    B) Put the card back in a see what happens

    C) get to an apple store

    (assume under warranty
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    I just finished taking the RAM out and putting them back again and the same problem persists. Im gonna call Apple tomorrow and hopefully it's not something that bad. The problem began when I uninstalled the airport card and i didn't disconnect the firewire/usb/and other cables from behind the computer. I did, however, disconnected the computer from the AC. Could this have started the problem?
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    did u de-static yourself?

    what were u wearing? nylon and poly can casuse issuees i hear
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    I don't think i destatic myself. I was wearing jeans, and some checkered Vans. If that was the problem...what kind of damage am I looking at? Or what happens if I don't destatic myself and add/revome the airport card?
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    You mentioned that you had usb and firewire cables still plugged in. Were these still connected to any devices? And if so, were these devices powered (still plugged into a power souce, even if not powered on)?
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    yeah, the firewire harddrive was connected a power source the other usb device was the keyboard.
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    I GOT IT FIXED!!!!!!

    I took the G5 to the Apple Store and the guy was really helpful and really nice! He took the G5 in for inspection and about 7 minutes later, he said that I had good news, that the problem was the RAM. He took out the old rams and put two new ones and it worked perfectly. The best part of this....I got it fixed for FREE!!! The computer wasn't even under warranty anymore. Kudos for him and for Apple for having such nice staff.

    I want to thank all of you who contributed an answer.

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    sweet.. thanks for the rep points

    So, Bad ram.... I wonder what caused it
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    Hi there, help please!
    I have a similar problem. I plugged in a LaCie hard drive into my PowerMac G5 and after 20 minutes, the computer started to make this hard noise, as if the fans were speeding up. I unplugged the computer cord. Tried to re-start it, but have no chime and the power light blinks 3 times. I have tried everything, PR+commoption keys, FO+commoption and even the restart button inside the motherboard.
    Can't see anything on the screen either.
    Any help?
    Does anyone know what might cause this problem?
    Thank you in advance!
    Yours in desperation(!!!) Cinquito.
  • Patrick F. Level 4 (3,170 points)
    Please create a separate topic for your question. Thank You,

    I suggest you take it to an Apple Store if under warranty