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I have a Dual 2.5ghz PowerPC and it was working fine until i took the airport card out, disconnected it from the little plug and when i tried to start the computer, the display was black and there were three blinking lights in both the display and the G5. I thought it was the display, connected it to a G4 and the display isn't the problem. Since I wasn't able to see anything in the screen, i turned off the computer leaving the power button pressed. I restarted it about 5-6 times and I still got the 3 blinking lights. I installed a new airport card extreme and it's still doing the same thing. I have not removed or messed with the RAM so I don't think that's the problem....any suggestions???
Please help!!!!

2.5 Dual G5 PowerPc   Mac OS X (10.4.3)