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    I'd like to add Vienna to the list.
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    Shakenbake88 wrote:
    ... logging onto Gmail (full version) on safari or firefox will initiate the discrete GPU.

    Not for me with Firefox.
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    I went back and checked after reading your post and it was definitely triggering whenever I opened up Evernote for me. Have now discovered it is dependant on the view you use for displaying your notes. If I start up the app in list view, it sticks with Intel. Switch to thumbnail view and it triggers Nvidia!

    Not that that info is of any use to anyone, but I really do wonder how they are going to get around things like this!
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    X11 or Xquartz activates nvidia. This means that working with matlab always forces you to use the nvidia... :-/

    Ecto also activates Nvidia card.

    Papers (
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    These trigger the Nvidia GT330M

    Pages 2.0.2
    Photo Booth
    Photoshop Elements 4
    iPhoto 09 V 8.1.2
    Toast Titanium v 8.0.5 my surprise...

    iPlayer ...doesn't !!! :O
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    Are you using the full version?

    When I first log on it doesn't but as soon as the google talk and google chat bars appear it switches over.

    I think it may have something to do with java applets running?
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    I was also getting the Nvidia triggered by the Google Talk applet within Gmail and iGoogle. I traced it to the Google Voice and Video plugin which obviously triggers the Nvidia when it loads the video talk components.

    I found uninstalling the Google Voice and Video plugin stops this from triggering the Nvidia but it will leave you without the ability to use video talk through gtalk. Not a problem for me as I will just use Skype (which of course I will only run when I need it as it too triggers the Nvidia) but at least I can leave Gmail/iGoogle open in the background without the discrete graphics running.

    Uninstaller for Google plugin can be found at Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Google/Google Plugin Uninstaller
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    Microsoft Office 2008 Messenger for Mac enables nVidia.

    BTW...absolutely love gfxCardStatus... Great app.
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    You rock JasonClint. I think that was the biggest annoyance of all for me. (But apple still needs to fix it now!)
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    Thanks, Re Alvarez! Glad you like it.
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    QuickTime Player X >> does not trigger Nvidia
    QuickTime Player 7 >> trigger nvidia GPU, like Mplayer extended and VLC

    Does it do the same on yours?
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    Trigger for me:


    all this are little app... I hope in a manual switching to IntelHD!
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    I'm using and switching to intel when i want
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    Some triggers for me:

    vlc (when playing movies)