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I have Omnigraffle, Keynote, Sheet Music, and SketchBook Pro. All four apps can transfer files into and out of the iPad. I have images that were created on the iPad, or imported from external tools (I have a couple of Keynote files that I transfered from my laptop). I transfered music PDF's into Sheet Music and used it on my music stand at rehearsal the other night, but tonight the transfer code doesn't work - my files don't even show up as available, although the iPad apps have no trouble seeing them - only iTunes is blind.

Not sure what to do. Checked for updates and installed 9.1.1, but the symptom was not resolved. Guess I'll have to mail my files or find some other transfer method until this gets resolved. Would be even better if we could sync over wifi or bluetooth instead, but I guess that's going to be cut & paste for this model.