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Hi all- I got my iPad (32Gb) on launch day and it has been a wonderful piece of tech to use- until today, when the iPad's power button simply stopped working. The iPad is still in mint condition, kept in a case, and handled like a gem- but pressing the black power button in the top right corner does not turn on/off the screen... it's as if the power button doesn't connect to circuitry at all. All the other buttons (home button, vol. rocker, screen lock) still work just fine.

Since the power button worked before, I wondered if it was a software problem and did a full system backup and restore- but, alas, even after the restore the power button simply doesn't do anything.

Has anyone else seen experienced this problem? I checked other online forums and it seems at least a handful of other users have also experienced this too- what to do? The nearest Apple store is a couple hours away, which is why I ordered the iPad to be shipped to me on launch day.

I appreciate any advice you may offer- thanks!

iPad, iPhone OS 3.1.3, Power Button
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