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My Mac is running MacOS X 10.6.2,
and Mail 4.2 .

I'm using Mail from my work connexion and it is running without problem.
Today I use it from home connexion and Mail doesn't synchronize any of
my E-mail accounts. I get the following error message:<pre>The server returned the error: The connection to the server “imap.free.fr” on port 143 timed out.</pre>

I tested the said server (from a Terminal window):<pre>telnet imap.free.fr 143
Connected to imap.free.fr.
Escape character is '^]'.
and it is replying perfectly correctly.

I also tested my accounts synchronization with Thunderbird (of course
with the same home connexion), and it is working without a trouble.

Hence there isn't any problem with my Mac, my connexion, my imap server,
my account.
But something is deeply corrupted within Mail.

How may I analyze this serious bug (the application is totally unusable)?
How may I turn Mail in a debug mode to provide any kind of trace so as to
make a usable bug report?
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