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How can I save the voice memo files elsewhere? Where can I find them? Can they be opened in QuickTimw? Thanks!

iPhone 3gs, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    iTunes automatically syncs voice memos to your iTunes library when you connect iPhone to your computer. This lets you listen to voice memos on your computer and provides a backup if you delete them from iPhone.

    Voice memos are synced to the Voice Memos playlist. iTunes creates the playlist if it doesn’t exist. When you sync voice memos to iTunes, they remain in the Voice Memos application until you delete them. If you delete a voice memo on iPhone, it isn’t deleted from the Voice Memos playlist in iTunes. However, if you delete a voice memo from iTunes, it is deleted from iPhone the next time you sync with iTunes.

    You can sync the iTunes Voice Memos playlist to the iPod application on iPhone using the Music pane in iTunes.
    Sync the Voice Memos playlist to iPhone:

    1. Connect iPhone to your computer.
    2. In iTunes, select iPhone in the sidebar.
    3. Select the Music tab.
    4. Select the “Include voice memos” checkbox and click Apply.
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    WOW! Thank you for being so helpful! That's very kind of you to go into such detail.
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    You're welcome.
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    Voice Memos do not get synced from iTunes iTunes Windows back to the iPod app on my iPhone 3GS v3.1.3. Include voice memos is checked, and I've even tried checking the Voice Memos playlist. I've see several posts saying this. Does ANYONE have Voice Memos in their iPhone iPod app?
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    I don't think they go back to the iPod in a playlist. While the playlist is in iTunes, I think the voice memos reside in the voice memo app. I've done some, but I don't have any more. I'll attempt a few and see what happens.
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    There is an affordable application to backup anything that is on your iPhone, called: PhoneView.
    You can find it at: