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I use an Apple Universal Dock to connect my iPod Touch to my stereo equipment. It's been working just fine for the last year or so.

The other day I plugged in the iPod into the Dock, and the Volume Bar disappeared and there was no sound out of the iPod! I connected the iPod directly to the stereo equipment and the Volume Bar was there and worked fine. It's only when I connect the iPod to the Dock that the Volume Bar disappears! What could be the problem? Thanks!

Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Wow, rhethoric questions...
    How often do you think can you plug your iPod to the dock? A 1000 times? Or even more? No! Any connector has a lifetime until it breaks by plugging, let alone the mechanical impact.
    It looks like yours is broken now. Either the dock connector or the iPod counterpart.