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Please help! I have too many photos and while I have managed to download my "camera roll" photos to my PC, my photo library & iPhone still have 6052 pictures!! I already have all of these photos on my PC and they are on a back up as well. I just need to know how to delete them from my iphone so I have some storage room for apps and music.

iPhone3G with Software updated
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    To remove the photos from the photo library on the iPhone, go to iTunes with the iPhone plugged in. Go to the photos tab and remove the checkmark by sync photos. In the bottom right hand corner click on apply and that sync will remove the photos from the iPhone.
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    there is no photos tab on my MacBook Pro iTunes page. How do I follow these instructions?
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    The phone has to be plugged in. Across the top of the iTunes once you have selected the device are Summary, Info, Apps, Ringtones, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, iTunes U, Books and the last one is photos. On that tab remove the checkmark next to Sync Photos from: If you cannot see this on your screen, your screen resolution may be too low. You will need to increase the resolution so you can see it. I don't use Mac, so I'm not sure what you will need to do, but that is where you should find it.