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I have two Vista laptops that I inherited from my daughters after they graduated college and would like to use one to run iTunes connected to my stereo system so I can access radio streams, which requires a network connection. The rest of my home machines are Macs on a wireless network with a Verizon base station.

I'm not versed in keeping a Windows machine virus-free when used on a network. I'm assuming even if all I do is run iTunes the laptop could still be attacked over the network.

Is there a good solution to keeping the computer protected without getting involved in endless anti-virus subscription fees? Anyone have experience using the free tools offered by Verizon for FiOS users?

MacBookPro 2.26G, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    The FiOS router offers basic firewall services, as part of the package, so that gets you part of the way there. If you use personal wireless in your home, though, that firewall won't help you much against a determined hacker in your neighborhood, which is, admittedly, an unlikely issue. If you use wireless, use, at a minimum, WPA2 security (and for even better security, turn off SSID broadcasting and turn on Mac filtering).

    In terms of their software, it looks like they're offering McAfee @ $6/mo. It's a solid product. I don't know what security Verizon offers for free (other than the router's firewall), as I don't see it as part of my FiOS package, only this $6/mo offer. I'm not using even the Verizon McAfee package, so I can't speak to it directly, but I've used McAfee in the past (though I've since switched back to Norton 360), and it's a fine package. If you want solid, free antivirus, google "AVG". I've used that with cost-conscious friends. That, partnered with the Windows firewall, a properly configured FiOS router, and your machine configured to automatically install Windows and AVG updates gets you pretty far for free.

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