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OK, this is frustrating.

I just got my 3G iPad (32GB) this afternoon at about 2. I signed up for the 250MB/30 days plan from AT&T in the Settings section of the iPad. Afterward it synced my email accounts and downloaded new mail no problem over 3G. Now any app I go into pops up a message: "There is no data remaining on your current plan. Would you like to add more data now? If you don't add now, you can do it later in Settings."

When I click "Now" it brings up the cellular settings which show 0 of 250MB used. But no app will actually use anything. Not even mail anymore. Anyone else getting that or am I alone?

Under "Usage" Cellular Network data says: Sent - 209kb / Received - 1.4 MB

What the heck?

iPad Wifi + 3G, 32GB