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I cannot locate my Iphone backup file, it seems as through the directory does not exist. My phone was recently stolen.

From my research I found that the iTunes stores the backup here
On Windows Vista / Windows 7:


However the "Appdata" folder does not exist anywhere on machine, after a windows search and some poking around. According to iTunes i successfully completed an update 1 month ago. (Have 2 disks, neither had the file path)


Windows 7, Windows 7
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    I found mine on Windows/XP. Despite the fact that I choose at iTunes Install to put iTunes itself and ALL its files on a portable HD, iTunes put the file on my C: drive under Documents and Settings/user/Application Data/Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup. This is NOT where I wanted it as disk space is tight on my 80 GB five year old IBM ThinkPad, but at least I get the warm fuzzy that it exists.

    Anybody who can tell me how I can instruct iTunes to move the files out of Application data onto my portable drive where I keep ALL my other backups. It has room to spare, 500 GB.