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I'm a working musician and I had high hopes for the iPad that I might be able to have music Pdf charts that I could read on gigs.

For this to really work, I need to have a PDF App that can use the hand swipe method of moving between pages.I tried the PDF Reader Pro app and for reading Pdf's, it is fine, but it has only a tiny arrow touch-link that scrolls the page and It's impossible to go for that while I'm playing on a gig.

Am I guilty of purely wishful thinking here, or would an app like this violate Apple's protections against moving cross-platform, since it would have to access Apple's touch sensitive technology?

Thanks for any tips,
Frank Bright

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    I need to correct myself; The PDF Reader Pro will swipe between pages but there seems to be a lack of control going from page to page. Maybe another app does this better?
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    GoodReader will alow you tap the lower right area of the screen to go to the next page, and tap the upper left area to go back a page. You can also tap the bottom of the screen to go to the next page, or the top to go back. You can also swipe down to flip the page. So, maybe more options than what you tried. It also lets you organize your pdfs into folders, so I'd say give it a shot.
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    Thanks WBmacUser, I'll definitely try that out!
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    I thought I'd reply on this since I've since had time to really try Good Reader out as a music chart reading program. It seems to have all the ingredients for reading music charts well, but for me it does NOT fly, not when really using it while you're playing an instrument.

    The organization is all very well done and good - pages are well defined and separated. But trying to turn pages with ANY consistency while playing an instrument - in my case, piano - is IMPOSSIBLE.

    Note: when one tries this out just sitting in a chair, it performs flawlessly. You may wonder "What was he talking about? This is easy!" And I've tried all methods -tapping the corners, the bottom middle tap, and the full swipe method. It all comes down to this:

    Executing the tap or swipe successfully requires a certain deliberateness or focus in your finger touch - a focus that is easy enough to summon when you're doing nothing else. But this focus, at least to me, is simply not accessible when I'm playing the piano and reaching in quick desperation to make sure the page gets turned in time. It's just not there for me anyways, and I predict that some might be able to do it, but I doubt even those few will feel any consistency in the results.

    I have since discovered the Music Reader App and am currently trying that one. The App is free, but to work with charts and convert them on your computer requires that you purchase a program.

    Thanks - and I hope this helps someone,....Frank
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    If you find one you like, post it here !!

    I'm using Goodreader for mostly one-page charts (playing keyboard with the band at church). So, it's mostly chord charts and most are only one page. But I will agree with you that trying to switch to a second page is not as convenient as having the music on your stand. And, if you actually have real piano sheet music, then forget it ! I'd much rather just have it spread out across a stand.

    My compromise at the moment (since 90% of mine fits on one page), is to just keep the multi-page songs and sheet music in a separate binder - which is at least much much smaller since I don't need to keep single page music in there anymore !

    What I'd really like is maybe a large foot switch that lets you step right or left for page turns !
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    Okay, I can confirm that the Music Reader App WORKS. The app for the iPad is free but to work with charts and convert them etc, you have to buy the software for the computer.

    The main thing is that this app displays pages well and you can turn pages with a natural hand swipe. The swipe capacity is exactly the same as the music pad pro's. I believe this is the best solution so far for music charts.

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    I think MusicReader will have a foot switch solution at some point, but it seems expensive to go that route.

    Meanwhile, I just did my first gig today using the app ForScore, and loved it. Have you tried ForScore? You can advance using taps or natural swipes. Worked great for me, and it comes with a whole bunch of sheet music (Bach, Beethoven and lots more).
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    Thanks Geoff for the tip on ForScore! I think that that works the best so far.

    To be accurate, Music Reader seems to have some bugs - like crashing - but they will apparently be addressed in an update soon.

    Thanks again, Geoff.
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    Glad to help!
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    You might be interested in the AirTurn, a wireless page turning pedal system for Mac and PC computers. It was designed with musicians on mind to provide hands free page turns when reading music on a computer, so no need to swipe or touch the screen with your finger. You can keep your hands on your instrument and turn pages by pressing the AirTurn pedal with your foot. It will work with any document reader that can accept a Page Down/Page Up keystroke.
    The MusicReader program also features the ability the create sheet music playlists, so you can select songs for an entire show and not have to touch your computer to have every song automatically opened in order. A lot of really great features for gigging musicians.

    We're trying to develop an iPad compatible AirTurn for the MusicReader app, so you might want to sign up for our newsletter for updates.

    You can learn more about the AirTurn and MusicReader at www.AirTurn.com

    Hope this helps!
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    I'll definitely keep all these things in mind and try them out.

    Forscore works well (as you said) but I'm definitely missing a search feature. But love the fact that you can annotate. I also would like a "playlist" feature (as mentioned in the MusicReader program) so I can line up a setlist on-the-fly if necessary.

    As all these things develop, it'll be great !!