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So I have been thinking about consolidating both my Mac Pro and MacBook Pro into one newer MBP i5 or i7. I stumbled on a benchmark test and ran it on both my Mac Pro and MBP.

My MacBook Pro is a 2.2 Core 2 Duo (3.1, not unibody) and I was able to play around 18 tracks by dragging the loop point right before the tracks, un-muting all tracks, starting playback and then dragging each track one by one until it can't played anymore.

I did the same thing with my Mac Pro 2 x 2.66 Xeon (first gen). I was able to get about 28 tracks going.

I got to stop in the Apple store for a short while tonight and was really disappointed by the new i5/i7's with this benchmark test. I actually got better results with the i5 than the i7 (really strange). I tried the i5 2.53 and was able to get about 22 tracks going and on the i7 2.66 I was only able to get about 16 tracks going.

Something is definitely wrong because the i7 should definitely be able to do more than the i5. I for sure thought the i7 would at least be able to match my current Mac Pro.

One more thing is that Logic Pro is not loaded on the Macs in the Apple store, only Logic Express is, so Space Designer was not present in the test at the Apple store. This was even more of a let down because when I was running the test on my Macs, Space Designer was obviously running as well.

Other people have gotten similar results in this thread on Gearslutz: arktest.html

Please run this benchmark test and give some feedback on your results, there might be something I'm missing here...

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