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Hi please can someone offer some advice, I have had my ipod nano for a few years and recently took it to Africa with me where it stopped working - basically it looks as though it is working - enough battery etc but has no sound what so ever. I have tried resetting it etc and bought new headphones - still nothing :o(
Has anyone else had this problem? Is it fixable or should I buy a new one?

Any help much appreciated please.
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    My ipod had the same problem, I removed the back cover and found the solder connections on the ribbon cable from the headphone jack to the main PCB board had gone bad. I tried to resolder the the ribbon cable back on but ended up removing it completely and resoldering 4 small wires in place of the ribbon cable instead. works fine now. Worth a try otherwise it's a worthless brick.
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    Hey Gary! I know this is an old post, but I had the problem also. I was re-doing my iPod's case and took all the internals out. When I put them back in, the ribbon cable had been under so much stress that it just snapped. My click wheel was messing up to, so I just ordered a new wheel/jack assembly and replaced it. It works fine now.