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How does one go about replacing a hard drive? Cannot figure out how to get it out.
Took out all the screws on the rear, but does the entire case come off?

eMac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Posts with links to takeapart instructions tend to get deleted around here. Google "emac takeapart" and you'll probably find something.

    Note that there are TWO variants of the eMac case. The originals with USB 1.1 used one case, and the USB 2.0 machines used one that is slightly different. I understand that it's rather easy to destroy the power button assembly on the USB 2.0 eMacs if one does not pay attention and take time in reassembling the case. I would not proceed on your on "blind."
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    Also of note is the fact that eMacs have a CRT (cathode ray tube), which can hold dangerous electrical charges even after it's disconnected from the power outlet.

    Be sure to read up on this before continuing.
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    Look at this link.
    http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/emac/faq/emac-replace-or-upgrade-hard-driv e-expansion.html

    It would probably be much easier to add an external hard drive.

     Cheers, Tom

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    My advice would be to purchase an external FireWire drive instead of trying to replace the eMac's internal HD. The doing is very difficult and dangerous. Much easier just to buy a add-on drive, plug this into the eMac with a FireWire cable. You'll need to format the drive to use and boot up from the eMac, install a version of OSX (I recommend OS X Tiger 10.4.11), the have your eMac set to use this drive as your startup disk and you'll be set. My mother's eMac hard drive suffered, somehow, from a case of a lot of bad blocks that rendered the internal drive useless. The external solution is faster and neater. Booting and using the external FW drive to operate your eMac is a little slower than running from the internal drive, but I've found it is not too terribly noticeable. Another caveat of running off an external drive is that your not bound to hardware restrictions imposed by the OS X installer disks. I had to upgrade my mom's 800 MHz eMac to OS X 10.5.8 Leopard so she could use her new iPad. If your eMac is faster than my mom's, you shouldn't have too much issues with installing and running OS X 10.5. On this 800 MHz eMac, OS X 10.5 does run much slower than OS X 10.4. Your experience may vary.
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    If you go the external route (I also think this the better idea) make absolutely certain you get a FireWire drive. G4 Macs are bootable from a Firewire drive but can only use a USB external for storage. FireWire is also much faster than USB. Due to sustained throughput, FireWire 400 will generally be faster than USB 2 (running at 480) in actual use.

    This place:


    has a number of options for FireWire drives. Note an eMac uses FireWire 400 and not the newer FW800. Also note that many of the drives listed have both USB and FireWire, making them more versatile when you have more than one computer or if you upgrade to a newer model.
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    Use the "eMac Service Manual" to learn how to take your eMac apart. Here is a link where you can download it: