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Is it safe to use the iPad sync cable and charger accessory (the ac adapter, not the one that came with the device) with iPhone or iPod? It would be convenient to not have to have separate cables laying around but I don't want to fry my stuff.

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    I have used the chargers interchangeably for the last month.
    The iPad wall charger is faster when charging the iPad, but since I plug in at night, the slower charge rate of the iPhone wall charger is ok for me on the iPad. It's always 100% by morning.

    The iPad charger can supply more charging current than the iPhone charger, so it charges quicker. The iPhone will not take advantage of the higher current of the iPad charger so therefore charging rate of the iPhone is not affected with the iPad charger.

    The charging voltage is the same for both chargers.
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    The cables aren't or shouldn't be a problem, but the iPad's charger might be. It is possible to charge an iPad with the wall charger included with the iPhone or iPod, but charging will be slower with the iPad when doing so vs using the wall charger included with the iPad.

    Per this link, the Pad's wall charger indicates it is compatible with the iPad. No iPhone or iPod models are included.