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hi all, ok in my attempt to save a few bucks here and there i recently bought some aftermarket chargers/usb cables/headphones set for my iphone off of craigslist. the first thing i would like to say is if you can dont buy these products. i should have known better and am lucky that i didnt damage my phone with the chargers.

here is my question im trying to seperate whats real and whats fake and i have found out how to tell which headphones and adapters are fake but im having a hard time with the usb cable.

does anyone know the tell tale difference in a fake usb cable dock connecter?
the ones i have say " designed by apple in CA" however with the 3 cables i have 2 say that toward the "pin end" and one says that near the "usb end"

so im confused, and its obviously my fault, any insight would be appreciated so i can junk these. can someone confirm for me at what end the writing should be on and if there are any other ways to tell....

btw here is a great link to spotting fake adapters....

http://modmyi.com/forums/accessory-review/702929-real-apple-charger-vs-counterfe it-fake.html

dell dimension 5100, Windows XP