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HI all
on my mbp I use the internet as well as my 17 year old sister. However on my sister's account I had allowed her unrestricted access to the internet. However today I have noticed she has gone on to some sites which are not suitable for people her age.

I have now enabled the option on parental controls to restrict access to adult sites to let safari do this. However certain sites she visits such as sites that begin with https cannot be viewed. I have added some of these sites to the (allow section) on parental controls, however not all sites that I allow which begin with https even though I have set as allow to these sites is my sister still able to view on her safari, I really do not know what to do now, as safari is still not letting some sites be viewed that I have permitted as acceptable to view by typing in the websites she needs accessed to on safari parental controls. Any advice?

mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6)