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I know it's a matter of personal preference..but just out of curiosity which book reader do you prefer?? I have downloaded both apps but haven't used them yet. I am finding that some books are cheaper on Amazon and there is much more of a bigger selection for the Kindle then for iBooks! What are your thoughts?

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    The ipad Kindle app looks really good but it's not as flashy as the iBook app. But the text looks just as good. It even does a thing or two (like background color setting) that iBook doesn't. You can get free stuff for both just to check them out and see how they look. iBook let's you download free previews of most books (about a chapter long) which you can also use to check it out. The iBook has the double page view in landscape mode (though I prefer the large single page view of portrait mode), fancier graphics (it looks like a book and the pages can turn like a book, although I never use that because it requires a sweep and who can be bothered when you can just tap) and can handle illustrations (make sure you download the free Winnie the Pooh book that Apple offers as an excellent example of what iBook can do) which I'm not sure the Kindle app can.

    So if it's cheaper on one rather than the other or available on one rather than the other, then have no fear of using whichever. The text, as I said, looks identical in both and other than some razzmatazz graphics in iBook, they pretty much work the same.
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    I agree. I am currently reading on iBook, but kindle seems fine too.
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    I love my iPad however I prefer to read books on my Kindle. I find that I stress my eyes less reading the Kindle's non-backlit screen.

    When I go on vacation I will probably just take my iPad and not the Kindle as well.
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    I am completely indifferent. I find them to be pretty much the same, especially once you start reading. On the plus side for the kindle app is its better home screen ( the whole bookshelf thing in iBooks is just a lame gimmick - and a waste of screen real-estate). On the plus side for iBook, you don't have to leave the app to buy books ( a feature kindle could easily add and most likely will soon ).

    Note : I'm comparing the apps on the iPad. As a book reader, the kindle is much better. It's lighter weight, easier on the eyes, and has much better battery life. And for those who say 10 hours of iPad battery life is enough, your missing one key point. What happens when you pick up up your iPad to start reading and discover the battery is at 2%? That just seems to never happen to me on my kindle.
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    I recommend getting multiple reader apps.  iBooks, Kindle, Nook, etc.  The reason being that there may be books that are available in one format but not the others.  Since the iPad supports multiple formats (via apps) and the other devices may not, then the iPad is the best choice for a device.