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Tried using my headphones that came with my iPhone for my iPad and they aren't great quality!! Can't seem to find my iPod head phones either! What are some good stereo quality headphones that I can use for my iPad to watch movies and such?? They don't have to be an Apple brand!

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  • Jazzical Level 1 Level 1
    Try the Bose in-ear headphones.

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    I have 10-13 different headphones from Bang & Olufson to Bose(in ear & Quiet Comfort 3) to Klipsich to Sure, Skull, etc. I since bought the Dr. Dre ones & although a little more, they r sooooo worth it. If ur gonna fork over the dough to buy an ipad then u should enjoy the sound quality available for movies, music, & videos. They also have a mic & a remote for volume & advancing songs including play & pause. I've tried them all and the best have been the Dr. Dre, Klipsich, & Bose in ear noise cancelling. The Dr. Dre do have the best of all worlds though. They r noise cancelling plus clear crisp sound with clear full bass. A lot of the good headphones don't have much bass, but the Klipsich, the Dr. Dre, & the Skull do. Hope this helps!!
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    These are the headphones I bought specifically for music and movie watching on my iPad. They sound amazing (as long as they are worn correctly.....if they don't sound great with really good bass then you aren't wearing them correctly) and are worth every penny I paid for them. They're also the top rated earbud headphones at cnet.com as well.

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    Hello Tiffany. I also shopped and return a few due to the sound was bad for iphone and ipad. Here is a winner. It sounds great. Closes out the excess sounds around and sounds great. The headphones come with many silicone inserts to fit your ears correctly and a lifetime replacement too!!! Also the cord clips to your shirt, if your a runner the headsets have an ear piece to hold them in your ears and the cord has a volume control and for PHONE use with the IPAD (via skype ) you can answer and talk on them as well.

    V-MODA Remix Remote with 3-Button Inline Volume Control (Nero) (amazon.com)
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    Try beats by dre. It is better than Bose. It is my favorite headphones.