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I am sorry if this has been answered before. I cannot seem to find an answer to this exact question ANYWHERE!

I am having a heck of a time with my iPod Touch right now. Everything is irrelevant until I can actually get it to turn on, though. It had all of a sudden gone unresponsive on me but that is not the main issue. The battery went to dead through all of my trying to figure out how to fix it. It wasn't even being recognized in iTunes at all. Now, iTunes recognizes it, but the Touch gives a low battery icon for a few minutes and then shows the (USB w/ arrow to iTunes) recovery icon. At this time, I get the "restore your iPod in recovery mode" message in iTunes. When I start the restoration, it goes through the process, as if all is well. The very last bit, where it says something like, "preparing iPod for..." I am seeing the low battery icon on my iPod screen again and it takes way too long and, finally, I get the message that says, "cannot restore, etc."

Anyway, I just have the feeling that this all has to do with the battery needing to "get over the hump," so to speak, so it has enough juice to endure the rehab that I am trying to put it through. (Poor little guy!) I seem to be able to keep it in the recovery mode, while plugged in and without doing anything for a long time. It stays on that way but, I want to know if it is even charging in this mode, since I have no icon battery indicator to tell me.

Please, help and thank you!

MacBook Pro 13", Mac OS X (10.6.3), iPod Touch 32G (3rd Generation)