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I'm Shabnum and I've got a problem with my iPhone, I hope I can get some good advice from users within the Apple community. The problem is that my iPhone is stuck in emergency mode after I restored it. I restored it as I couldn't call anyone, I called Apple customer services and explained everything and they told me that I should restore the iPhone to its factory settings etc. Now, my iPhone has been stuck on the emergency mode and I can't access anything at all. I've made a backup of my iPhone via iTunes, is there any way to restore the iPhone with my backup which I created and is there any way to get out of emergecny mode? I've tried O2, Lebara and Orange sim cards but it won't let me activate my iPhone. It just states on iTunes "The carrier isn't supporter bla bla bla) I've done a lot of research on the problem and I haven't seen a single resolution, I hope that iPhone experts/professionals such as yourself can help provide a resolution.

iPhone 3G.
OS: I think it's 3.1.3

Many thanks.

iPhone OS 3.1.3