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Ok. So I told a friend I'd help format and reinstall osx on his MacBook.

I have done this numerous times. Usually I make the machine to be refreshed into an exernal HDD and format and load osx from another machine.

I went to do that on the MacBook and then noticed it didn't have a firewire port. When I took the battery cover off I saw starting back at me the HDD with one screw to remove.

I'm thinking "great I have an esata to usb cable I'll just pull the drive and do what I normally do.

Format the drive, load OSX while still plugged into my iMac.Take the drive reinstall into the MacBook.

Power Up. Boom Apple tone and White Screen of death.

thew machine won't boot from the optical drive. can't go into diagnostic mode. Really can't get it to to anything. The white screen of death reboots after 1minute or so. I got it to go into slave mode a few times, but without a firewire port I'm lost. (thinking of ordering a firewire to ethernet adapter)

Now I will also say that I was loading 10.5 onto a machine that originally had 10.6. Not sure If i'm missing a step or firmware/drivers.

I know the HDD is good because I've pulled it a few times now and plugged into my iMac through USB.

I doubt its the logic board because the machine was working when he gave it to me. He just bought the machine and wanted to start from scratch.

I think it could maybe be the esata cable the MacBook has in it. $40- part no biggy but I'm really not sure.

IMacBook. Unibody, Mac OS X (10.5.4)