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I have an iPhone 3GS which is barely 6 months old. Never Jaibroken or unlocked from the service provider. Recently it has started opening voice control out of the blue, when I'm nowhere near the phone. The first time it happened it was in my pocket while I was excercising, so I was jumping around but not putting any pressure on the screen or home button. When it starts doing this the 'black on white' setting also turns itself on and off. It has been happening more and more often. After having played games on it for much of yesterday and charging it, about 11pm last night the voice control turned itself on. Even putting the phone on silent does not stop the 'beep' that sounds when voice control is turned on. I tried to message a friend and it kept forcing me out of the screen, switching between black on white and white on black, going back and forth between the home and search screen and not letting me do anything. I turned it off for the night and back on this morning, it has been doing the exact same thing, and has added 'calling random people' to the list of crazy things it keeps doing while I'm nowhere near it. I haven't updated the software in a while, and I can't even get it to behave for long enough to check what version it has on it. What could cause this and how do I fix it? Someone suggested an app could be screwing it up but I can't think which I would have downloaded around the time the problem started.

Dell XPS, Windows Vista
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