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So here is the deal..... I was using my original iPhone 2g, it was running great no problems then all of a sudden it would not charge and would not connect to the computer. The funny thing is that if I connect it to my iHome it will charge! To try and fix it, I deleted my apps, then I did a soft reset, then a hard reset.....none of them worked. The worst part is that I could have just kept using it if I just used the iHome to charge it, and just wouldn't have been able to update or connect it to the computer. But since I did the hard reset it needs to be set up all over again, but it cannot connect to iTunes! I tried new cables also, nada! The apple "Genius" was no help. I know that the apple cable is recognizing it, because when I connect it the iPhone turns on but the computer says that the USB device is not recognized. I am perplexed as to what could have happened. The pins look good and I cleaned out the connector....

Please help!!!!

HP, Windows 7