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I have WiFi in my home. The ATT logo and signal strength indicator both appear in the top left hand corner. Does the iPad use 3G in my home or does it know to use my free WiFi ? What does it use when and how can I tell ?

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    I plan on keeping 3G turned off unless I specifically need to use it.
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    I believe if you have wifi on and 3G on, then wifi takes precedence over 3G. If you make cellular data off and keep wifi on then it will go for wifi. If you make wifi off and cellular data on then it will use 3G.

    I don't know keeping both on will consume my battery faster than keeping anyone on at one time.
  • Jim VanLeeuwen Level 6 (18,825 points)
    WiFi is the priority.

    The AT&T logo indicates that your Cellular Data is turned ON. Turn it off and it changes to"iPad".

    The WiFi antenna symbol shows that iPad has a WiFi Internet connection. Turn WiFi OFF in settings and it changes to the 3G symbol.

    Turn both WiFi and Cellular Data OFF and you only see the iPad symbol.

    With Cellular Data ON and WiFi OFF or out of range, you'll see the 3G if 3G signal is available, E (for EDGE) if 3G is not available, or ° for (GPRS) if no 3G or EDGE signal is available.
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    After successfully connecting to a wireless network, the network and network settings are saved on your iPad. If wi-fi access is on, when returning within range of a wireless network you have successfully connected your iPad with, your iPad will automatically connect to the wireless network, or it should. If 3G access is on, when leaving the range of an available wi-fi network you have access to, it will switch to AT&T's cellular network automatically. If both are on, your iPad should switch between the two automatically and seamlessly. Your iPad will always connect to the fastest wireless connection available at the time as long both options are enabled. Between an available wi-fi network that you have access to and are in range of and AT&T's cellular network, it will or should be the wi-fi network.

    Page 10 of the iPad user guide regarding status bar icons and what they indicate.

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    Kind of like the iPhone.
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    I am not having this experience. My wifi and 3G are on and my wifi signal is strong, yet my monthly MB's are being used up slowly but surely. It doesn't seem that wifi is taking precedence. I don't know why this is happening. I only see the antenna symbol for my wifi and not the 3G symbol, yet MB's are being used. Anybody experiencing the same? Thanks.
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    I agree with you... I only have a 250 mb plan per 30 days. I know wifi takes over but id rather know for sure that im not burning up my little bit of data
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    It's magical, just happens in the background.
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    Are you saying it uses the same technology as those thermos bottles that knows when to keep hot things hot and cold things cold?