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I could not find manuals nor any other info on how to convert a Voice Memo item to a ringtone on my new iPhone 3GS.

In my Nokia I just browse the forlder in my hand held and select "use as ringotne". I cannot find any switch to do the same in my iPhone.

Any ideas?

Samsung NC20, Windows XP, HSPDA modem
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    There are several apps that will assist you in making ringtones, or you may create and buy one in iTunes using a ringtone-enabled iTunes purchased song. You can search Google for "how to make an iPhone ringtone" or search the app store for a ringtone maker.
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    I think iTunes ***** for making a ringtone from a memo.

    I cannot figure out how the **** do the files copied to ringtones folder just dissapear, while syncing the iTunes library to the iPhone.

    Really silly thing. There are no rights management needed, if I happen to ask my daughter to dictate a phrase to be used as her ringtone.

    Really f*in' sick phenomena of the looney tunes.